Annual Lab Summer BBQ 2017

Post date: Jan 29, 2018 9:08:24 PM

In mid August, we held our annual summer BBQ at Prof. Lahann's wonderful house! He cooked, making steak, shrimp and German wurst. Our lab members also brought food, including Kenneth's fruit selection, Danny's very disappointing and over-hyped Mac and Cheese, and Anke's delicious pasta. Also, Ayse's amazing exquisite guac (edit 1: she totally didn't force me to add that last one. edit 2: She threatened me with a jetting needle for the second edit. Please send help.)

We shared stories, played The Resistance as a lab (video in the lab member only section of the website!), and overall had a great time!

Thank you for hosting Prof. Lahann, we look forward to next year's celebration!

Only half of the people in this photo wanted a photo...

So much food!

How did we eat this much food?

Here, someone may have just claimed that Prof. Lahann was a spy. Bad idea.

Another photo of Jason in the wild