Lahann Lab helps organize and participates in the 2017 Biomaterials Day at the University of Michigan

Post date: Jan 29, 2018 9:35:14 PM

The Lahann Lab worked very hard for months to help organize the very successful the Society for Biomaterials' 2017 Biomaterials Day, here at the University of Michigan!

The day featured many invited speakers from universities throughout the Midwest, oral and poster presentations from students, and panels on careers in industry and academia.

It was definitely all hands on deck for the occasion. Nahal, Dylan and Danny ran around helping make sure the conference would not fall apart. Our post-docs, Stephie and Kenneth, both participated as judges in the poster and oral presentations. Several of our undergrads presented posters. Last but not least, Prof. Lahann was a panel member in the academic career panel.

It was a great occasion, with over 200 participants, and a great learning and networking opportunity for all those involved.

Good job everyone!

Thank you to Brandon Baier and Mike Funkhouser from UM-BME for all the great photos!

Danny introducing Prof. Sen Gupta from Case Western Reserve University

It was a great crowd!

Lahann Lab Undergrad Bryan Liu presenting his poster

Kenneth judging a poster presentation

Prof. Lahann participated as a member of the academic career panel